Kerbside recycling issue is raised by local council

Auchenblae has been chosen to benefit from kerbside recyling in a surprise move by Aberdeenshire Council, but it seems that there is little enthusiasm for the concept among residents.

Mearns Community Council was told on Monday that Luthermuir has now been without any recycling facilities for years, but they were not considered for any extension of the kerbside recycling service.

Auchenblae representatives Susie Brown and Trevor Hodgson told the community council that they had joined the village community association in trying to spread the word about the new service.

Mrs Brown said people were rather used to using the recycling bins at the football pitch and Mr Hodgson said that there was some disquiet about the early 7.30am pick-up.

The Auchenblae members told the council that every Auchenblae household had been given two black and one blue boxes with instructions as to when to put them out.

Luthermuir representative Janette Anderson said: “I would like to know who takes these decisions. It is quite horrendous. Luthermuir has been without any recyling facilities for four years.”

Councillor George Carr then told the meeting that nothing on this issue had come before Aberdeenshire Councillors and that the new service was news to him.

“There is a waste management review underway, so this is maybe a pilot scheme.”

Mrs Brown said Luthermuir was more in need of the service than Auchenblae and Councillor Carr said they were well aware of the Luthermuir situation.

Secretary Marjorie Stewart told the meeting that at 231 households, Auchenblae was below the normal 300 house threshhold for kerbside collections, but that some spare capacity had been identified one an exisiting route.

Councillor Carr said he remained concerned that this had been done without any reference to elected members. Particularly in light of the situation at Luthermuir where there was an acute problem.

Members were told that the Traffic Management Review for Auchenblae was due to go before the area committee the following day.

Susie Brown said that they had told villagers to look out for the chance to take part in the public consultation which would follow if the matter was approved by councillors.