Labour rail commitment

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North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald was out campaigning in North Kincardine on Monday with Labour’s Aberdeenshire Council candidate Alison Evison, to encourage people to make their voices heard in Transport Scotland’s Rail 2014 Consultation.

The document talks about the “expense” of maintaining “underused” stations like Portlethen, and the two are concerned that the already poor service at Portlethen may worsen.

Lewis Macdonald said: “People want to see rail services set up for the benefit of passengers, not operators. If people are to be encouraged to use local stations like Portlethen, timetables need to meet local demand.”

“This morning we heard from many residents who said they would use the train to get to work if they could then get home at night. At the moment that suitable return journey does not happen.”

Alison Evison commented: “In June Network Rail recommended that extra trains be put on between Stonehaven, Portlethen and Aberdeen during the morning rush hour. These trains have not yet appeared on the timetable.

“We have seen how the morning trains arrive at Portlethen from Stonehaven with many passengers already having to stand. There is clearly a demand for more frequent trains, and we will make that clear in our submission to Transport Scotland.”