Land Train to get additional carriage

The Stoney Express
The Stoney Express

Stonehaven Land Train has ordered a much needed second carriage for well used attraction as a result additional £32,000 funding.

The funding comes from the Coastal Communities Fund.

The new carriage will enable more passengers to use the Land Train, which had to turn passengers away in previous years due to space constraints. Stonehaven Town Partnership (STP), who run the Land Train, obtained the grant by showing that more passengers will bring a greater economic benefit to the Town by spending in the local shops, cafes and restaurants and by visiting other local attractions such as Dunnottar Castle, the Tolbooth Museum and the Open Air Pool.

The funding will also allow STP to purchase a PA system for both carriages so all passengers can hear the storyteller on the Land Train’s trip around Stonehaven.

Storytellers Stuart Munn said: “When I volunteered to work on the land train during its first year of operation, it was great fun, although the lack of capacity meant that some families were turned away. It’s not a nice feeling having disappointed children.

“The second carriage will certainly make the experience much better for the passengers and more of them will be able to make the return trip back into the Town Centre after visiting Dunnottar Castle. It’s excellent good news that STP have secured the funding for this.”

Since it began operating the train has taken over 8600 passengers. Almost 60% of the passengers have come from outwith Aberdeenshire with some coming from Russia, Japan and New Zealand.

Those interested in becoming storytellers or advertising on the land train should contact