Laurencekirk Gala Week

ALTHOUGH the heavy rain on Saturday spoilt the Laurencekirk Gala Day, forcing everything inside the marquee, the week as a whole was a resounding success.

The treasure hunt on Thursday was written by Rae Archibald and Arlene Lindsay and was won by the team of Helen Ritchie, Helen Page and Catriona Watson.

The Children’s Pet Show Winners were: Large Dogs 1 Hannah Mitchell with Charlie the Old English Sheepdog; 2 Katie Wilson with Bobby the Greyhound; 3 Caitlin Emslie with Sid; 4 Michael Mellis with German Shepherd.

Small Dogs 1 Rosie Charles with Fraggle the Beagle; 2 Nathan Santoo with Sparky the Lhaso Apso/Yorkie cross; 3 Emma May with Smudge the Lhaso Apso; 4 Adele Wiseman with Brenagh the Cocker Spaniel.

Other Pets 1 Adam Paterson with Bubbles the Rabbit; 2 Jenna Cowlishall with Alex the Canary; 3 Maya Mcginlay with Toffee the Guinea Pig; 4 Megan Massie with Star the Hamster.

The Gardening competition was won by Mr and Mrs Birnie of Kinnear Square.

Winners of Laurencekirk’s Got Talent were 1 Dylan Griggs 2 Eilidh Watt 3 Lauren Taylor.

Johnston Race winners 8-10 boys: 1 Finlay Rhind; 11-13 boys 1 Murray Garrow; 2 Cameron Thomson; 3 Kieran Gammie; 14-16 boys 1 Connor Gammie.

Tower Race Men: 1 Kyle Greig; 2 Stuart Walker; 3 Mike Rarfan. Ladies 1 Ann Gallon; 2 Nicola Rhind; 3 Jo Thom.

The Fashion Show on Wednesday night was attended by more than 200 people and raised £1,917.24 to be split between the Marfans Trust and CLIC Sargent charities.

The Saturday afternoon was a difficult one, at 8am with the rain beating down and a burger van stuck in the middle of the Memorial Park it looked like the Gala day would need to be cancelled. However the committee members and helpers pulled together, moved around the marquee, phoned around the stalls and entertainment then tried to put together a day that could draw in the crowds. Some planned events had to be cancelled, some stallholders were left with no choice but to cancel and the parade was scaled down.

However by 1pm the marquee was alive with stalls, people enjoying tea and cakes, drinks were flowing in the licensed bar and outside people braved the elements to enjoy the trampolines, inflatables and other stalls. Entertainment was provided by the Lindsay School of Dancing, Dance Zone International and the Newtonhill Pipe Band.

Unfortunately a pink Berghaus jacket went missing on Saturday afternoon so if anyone took home this jacket in error please contact Lloyd on 07730 129300.

With the park beginning to resemble a marsh, attention turned to the evening dance. Three hundred and fifty revellers (many in wellington boots) came out to enjoy the Cherry Bombz and Buck Rogers.

Unfortunately the park was far too wet for the church service on Sunday morning but the chairs and tables were returned to the St Laurence Hall, the Brechin Brass Band were redirected and the service took place in the hall. Teas, coffees and cakes were served afterwards.

Finally the bowling took place in the afternoon sunshine during what must have been the nicest spell of weather of the week.

the committee thank everyone who helped make this years Gala a success, the Gala would not be possible without the support of everyone concerned. News of the AGM will appear in the Observer in the coming weeks and the committee would be greatful to anyone who is able to come along to offer their support or provide feedback to the committee.