Laurencekirk girl to cut hair for charity

Anna was getting her hair done for a wedding when the idea came about
Anna was getting her hair done for a wedding when the idea came about

A Laurencekirk Primary Pupil is to cut off 12 inches from her hair to make a wig for charity.

11-year-old Anna Pearson, who lives in Laurencekirk is donating her hair to the Princess Trust who make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness.

The haircut will take place next week at Allure Hair Salon in Laurencekirk. Two Hairdressers, Lisa Arthur and Gill Gauld will be doing the cut on Friday, November 13.

This week the Observer spoke to Anna and her mum Jennifer Pearson who said that she was very proud of Anna for doing the hair cut.

Anna said before the haircut: “My mum helped me choose the princess trust, and I wanted to help children. “

Anna added that she was excited for the haircut but also a little scared but mum Jennifer added that wedding preparations led to the idea.

Jennifer said: “Anna was getting her hair put up for her cousins wedding when we realised that it was very very long. Both her aunties were visiting and suggested she cut her hair for charity. They have both had cancer and both lost their hair so we all thought this was a good idea. We are very proud of Anna doing this.”

Anna reached her target of £350, the cost to make a wig in 48 hours but still wants to raise some more to help more children in need.

You can help Anna by visiting and donating via her just giving page at