Laurencekirk Inner Wheel

Laurencekirk and District Inner Wheel met at the Panmure Arms, Edzell for their February meeting.

A good crowd gathered for the annual ‘friends and partners’ night.

After a hearty meal, the group settled back to enjoy a talk given by Scott Constantine, Deputy Station Officer for HM Coastguard in Montrose. Scott’s position as DSO is a voluntary one, and the teams who make up the Coastguard Rescue Service are also volunteers, carrying pagers much like the Retained Firefighters.

Having learned of the variety of rescue work the coastguard can be called out to, Scott painted colourful pictures of some of the rescues he’d been involved in; local stories of dogs rescued, people evacuated from flooded houses in Stonehaven, and fishermen winched to safety from flooded rivers.

A common misconception is that the coastguard man boats. The truth is they are trained for cliff rescue, shore and river searches, water rescue and mud rescue .Interestingly, this Montrose sector of HM coastguard is one of the only stations in the country to be trained for the four terrains.

With Scott being a six foot tall rugby player, it was an apt and appreciative closing comment by one of the ladies present, that they wouldn’t mind having to be rescued by the Coastguard, if it was Scott who appeared to rescue them!