Laurencekirk Inner Wheel - Saving lives one limb at a time

Michael Gillies, a Podiatrist from the Brechin Foot and Ankle Clinic was welcomed back to the April meeting of Laurencekirk and District Inner Wheel.

Wednesday, 29th April 2015, 8:00 am

Speaking passionately about his subject, Michael gave an illustrated talk and presentation which proved very interesting and informative. Podiatry, it seems dates back as far as the time of King Louis XVI who had a “Corn Doctor”, called Laurence Leforest.

On graduation with a B.Sc. Degree, a Podiatrist can specialise in many fields including dermatology, diabetes, forensics, vascular, rheumatology and research lecturing.

Before providing a guide for healthy feet, Michael outlined some of the tasks he would cover in a normal day in his 100 patient practice. These might include anything from routine foot care, acupuncture, steroid injections, vascular assessments, sports injuries and minor surgery to, “The dreaded paperwork!”

Peripheral Arterial Disease and melanomas, which a Podiatrist can identify, costs the NHS £200 million per year so the ladies were good humouredly warned to follow the healthy feet guide.

In conclusion, Michael spoke about his aspirations for the future which include, independent prescribing, using diagnostic ultrasound and establishing a centre of excellence in Podiatric Care.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Club President, Kathleen Murray.

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