Laurencekirk "Burns" prizes

OVERALL winner of the 2009 "Burns Competitions" at Laurencekirk Primary was Max McGinlay who was first in the P7 recitation category with his Address to the Haggis.

Recitation: P1: 1 Shannon Brown, 2 Chloe Craig, 3 Mitchell Stuart (All Fishin or Yoyo).

P2: 1 Helena Ross (Waves at the Sea), 2 Eve Curran (Fishin), 3 Michael Sutherland (Sweet Teeth).

P3: 1 Kieran Mowat (The Crocodile), 2 Leykin Walker (Roguey Poguey), 3 Callum Donald (Roguey Poguey).

P4: 1 Abigail Fraser (The Dentist), 2 Fraser Nicoll (Sair Finger), 3 Gina Gallagher (The Dentist).

P5: 1 Eilidh Watt, 2 Zach Walker, 3 Cameron Thomson (All The Neep).

P6: 1 Sam Connell, 2 Amy Shearer, 3 equal Jenni Clark and Sarah Reid (All A Dug, A Dug).

P7: 1 Max McGinlay, 2 Louise Young, 3 Kieran Sangster (All Address to the Haggis).

Singing: P4: 1 Dave Reid (Ye Canna Shove Yer Granny), 2 Beth Neill (Ye Canna Shove Yer Granny), 3 Grace Broad (Aitken Drum).

P5: 1 Eilidh Watt (Scots Wha Hae), 2 Alix McCarthy (Welly Boat Song), 3 Jordan Simpson (Scots Wha Hae).

P6: 1 Ailie McWhinnie (100 Pipes), 2 Finlay Robertson-Rintoul (100 Pipes), 3 equal Callum Warden and Rachel Gilmartin (both Brochan Horn).

P7: 1 Miranda McCann, 2 equal Louise Fowlie and Kirsty Salmon (all Auld Lang Syne), 3 Mairie Pirie (Charlie is ma Darlin).

Instrumentalists: P7 1 Hannah Elder (clarinet), 2 Miranda McCann (violin), 3 equal Bronte Allan and Mhari Pirie (both violin).

P6: 1 Ailie McWhinnie (recorder), 2 equal Jenni Clark and Sarah Reid (both drum), 3 Calum McDonald (guitar).

P5: 1 Aimee McPherson (violin), 2 Liam Wotherspoon (cello), 3 Andrew Young (chanter).

P4: 1 equal Gina Gallacher and Beth Neill (both piano).