Laurencekirk Rotary Club hear about oil

UK and the Scottish government leaders were meeting in Aberdeen and Portlethen respectively on Monday 24th and discussing the oil industry.

On the same evening, Laurencekirk & District Rotarians - meeting in The Crown Inn - were hearing about it. And from the well-head, so to speak!

In a carefully prepared talk, that was both informative and informed, members heard from Mr David Nicol who has been in the oil industry for over 30 years.

Without making any political point he spoke of the boom years of the recent

past where the British philosophy was “spend, spend, spend” which has particularly benefitted the North-east and put much into the exchequer. In contrast, for the Norwegians it has been “business as usual” with revenues being devoted to general investment for the future (approx £1 million for every citizen!). But who was to say which policy was the best?

Inter alia, David also spoke of the need to counter-act the present run down with particular oil industry investment and the tapping of all the North Sea resources. All in all, a most interesting, topical, and relevant overview of the industry which elicited a good number of questions, ably answered, from the Rotarians. Rotarian Ed Murray led the club in a well-merited vote of thanks.