Laurencekirk Rotary learn all about nature reserve

Vice President Alf Lawrie welcomed Therese Alampo, the manager of the St Cyrus National Nature Reserve , to a meeting of Laurencekirk Rotyary Club.

Theresa has been in the post for two years after a nine -ear stint amongst the sea birds and seals on the Isle of May in the Firth of Forth .

The Rotarians were treated to an enthralling talk on the special conditions created by the shelter of the sand dunes and cliffs that encourage and support such a rich diversity of plants , insects and birds .

This tranquil refuge provides a sanctuary for a range of plant species that are usually found in more southerly climates Therese packed a lot of fascinating information into her 10-minute illustrated talk and her infectious enthusiasm quickly persuaded the Rotarians that a summer visit to the St Cyrus Reserve is a must .

Mike Robson, in his vote of thanks, expressed the members astonishment at the richness of the Reserve and observed that it is in good hands under the stewardship of a such dedicated , enthusiastic and skilled communicator .