Laurencekirk rubbish

Rubbish all around
Rubbish all around

OUR story last week about dog fouling in Laurencekirk led to a reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacting us about the mess in and around the Memorial Park and providing pictorial evidence.

“I just wish the older kids and adults could put their rubbish in the bin. There is constantly broken bottles, tins, plastic, papers and left over takeaway wrappers lying everywhere in the park.

“After a football game there is usually a big pile of rubbish beside the big tree. Since when is it too much trouble to put rubbish in a bin.

“The skatepark and play areas are also really bad after a weekend with rubbish everywhere. It ruins a lovely walk in the Memorial Park and for the little kids playing.

“One of the new toys has been broken but luckily enough everything else looks too sturdy to break!

“There has also been some recent vandalism and litter being left between Beattie Lodge and the graveyard. Kids have made quite an impressive shelter and swing but they couldn’t just enjoy that they had to leave all their rubbish behind and cut down a 16 year old tree. This I really don’t understand.”