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Ury players - Thank you and well done

Madam- I would like to say a big thank you and well done for ‘Dirty Dusting’. It was a great night out!

Keep it up Ury Players - it was fab!

Yours etc.,

Mrs Lillias Wood

71 Cameron Street


Big brother - Scaremongering tactics

Madam- Parents please pay attention.

You are about to be invaded by BIG BROTHER

This was the underlying message of the presentation at a NO2NP meeting in East Kilbride on Monday night.

No this is not a joke. An Act of Parliament from Holyrood has entered your everyday life as parents without you knowing it.

Your parental rights have just been invaded by a plethora of buzz words like Named Persons, GIRFEC, SHANARRI, My World Triangle, Cycle of Change etc - and no, these are not pop groups!!!!

Your child’s reports from school will all be based around the SHANARRI framework and it is so easy to fall foul of one of these “indicators”: is your child always Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included? If not, you as parents could very easily get referred to “other agencies” - no scaremongering, it’s true.

This is all to do with the wellbeing (not welfare) of your children and it seems you do not have any rights to oppose this scheme.

Your child will have a named person, who will undermine your rights as a parent and determine whether your child is being given the “correct” parenting.

This Act has been brought into being without adequate public consultation of parents by Holyrood (how many of you knew about that consultation in 2013? I never heard about it on the news) and it was not even in the SNP’s 2011 Manifesto. George Orwell could have written this.

Make no mistake: your child’s education, home life, weekend activities and the way you look after them are ALL going to be scrutinised by the state. You will have no say in how your child’s life from birth to 18 years of age will be managed, if you disagree with the named person’s views. Your child will have constant monitoring and assessment throughout this time frame and your capacity to secure their wellbeing will constantly be under state scrutiny..

Yes, if you are deemed to be getting in the way of your child’s wellbeing, you are deemed to be a bad parent—you just could not make this up.

I ask that you contact your local Councillor, MP, and MSPs and reject this Act, which will come into full force in August 2016 – it has to be stopped now. You can also sign a national petition against the scheme, which you will find at no2np.org.

Yours etc.,

Boyd JR Park

address supplied

Car park - Response to Mr Samways

Madam- Whilst I do not want to get into a public slanging match with Douglas Samways, A man who like myself takes pride in our town, may I quote a reference printed in the Kincardineshire observer on 8th August 2013 by STP member Michele Ward (which is still readable online),

Quote--- “ We have managed to acquire the site from Scottish gas networks, it has all been Weeded and we are now just waiting for some pipes to be tested but we are basically ready to go...we have got the permission and the site should be ready to be used as a car park very soon”.

Therefore my point being is that it was not just me that was MISINFORMED but all the readers of that article were.

Yours etc.,

Ali Brown,

3 Kingsgate,