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Last weeks edition

Madam - I’m not normally the type of person to be so angered by a letter in a newspaper that I take to my keyboard to draft a response but on this occasion I’ve been left no choice.

I refer, of course to the letter simply titled ‘Poem’ in this week’s paper. I could spend many, many hours picking apart all the spelling and grammar errors but I feel to do that would lower me to the petty level of the author. Instead I wish to take issue with the subject matter and the motivation of the newspaper for printing it. If I were a newspaper editor I don’t think I would want my newspaper littered with spelling errors so I feel I need to ask why the letter was published in the first place? Dare I suggest that the editor agrees with letter writer? I can’t think of any other reason for printing such a mess of a ‘poem’.

As for the subject matter itself, if the author has such issue with the quality of the tree provided for the town could I suggest that they perhaps haul themselves from behind their keyboard and get out there and help? The SBA work tirelessly for this town and could sorely do with more support yet where is it? If as much effort was put into helping with the decorating of the town as is put into the drafting of ‘poems’ then perhaps Stonehaven could be as great as Anonymous wishes it was.

As for me, I think the tree is lovely. It’s been organised and erected by a small team of volunteers working to a very tight budget. Cut the guys some slack and perhaps spread a little bit of Christmas cheer instead of poison and vitriol. Yours etc,.

Scott Birnie

New Deer

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Tree is a blessing

Tree visual helps in the dentist chair

Madam - May I say that our Christmas tree in the Market Square is a blessing and a pleasure for many, including those who cannot or will not say it publicly. It’s a blessing in more than being just a focal point for children, visitors and revellers as the following tale shows:

I happened to be in the dentist’s chair, able to view the tree from the window, on the morning it was being erected. After some small-talk with Dr Ahmed about how the height was possibly vulnerable to high winds, it was time to open my mouth for the treatment.

While the dreaded drill screamed and vibrated in my mouth, the image of the tree came to my rescue as I visualised myself sitting on the top branch, looking down at brightly lit shops and busy people going about their shopping. My imagination looked into each shop window from the heights of the tree - and before I knew it I was being asked to sit forward, the dentist’s drill quiet and the task complete.

There are good things all around us, with or without imagination. Yours etc,.

Bern Ross



Merry Christmas

Madam - May I take this opportunity to wish Merry Christmas to the person who so boldly ripped most of a neat yellow SNP “Stronger for Scotland” sticker from the rear window of my private motor car, parked and unattended in broad daylight near Fetteresso Church on 26 November whilst my wife and I were attending the funeral of a dear elderly friend there?

Ignoring the Common Law definition of vandalism or theft, I do hope that the culprit found some kind of emotional release from a sad wee act which speaks volumes about his or her character and political maturity. The sticker was readily replaced.

David MacDonald