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Battered mars bar - Still a talking point

Madam- The Deep Fried Mars Bar has made it into “Pseuds Corner” in this week’s Private Eye, which quotes this gushing review by Zoe Willams in The Guardian; “These are delicious; much better than a regular Mars Bar, since the neutral, savoury flour breaks into the sugary flatness, the batter mixes up the texture and, of course, the salt and the caramel meet, in an elegant and self-contained precursor to this decade’s salted caramel obsession”.

The last time I ate a Mars Bar I lost a filling, maybe I should try the softer Cordon Bleu variety. I can’t make my mind up, I’m between a Rocky and a hard plaice.

Yours etc.,

Allan Sutherland

via email

East Newtonleys - Shame on the councillors

Madam- To Councillors Bellarby, Christie and Clark.

When I heard that there were proposals for development at East Newtonleys, I had to go to the Stonehaven and District Community Council (SDCC) meeting last Tuesday (August 12th) to find out for myself what the current situation is. At the meeting, I asked for the names of the councillors who had supported this proposal, as there is no way that they are representing the constituents who have elected them into position with such an act, and I wanted to know who NOT to vote for at the next election. The chair did not furbish me with an answer, but I was handed a sheet of paper from a member of the public, with the following:

“Meeting Area Committee 30th June 2015

“Application by Bancon for lower part of East Newtonleys.

“Cllr Agnew moved to refuse this application in respect of sensitive landscape, flooding and roads issues and was supported by two councillors – Councillor Carr and Howatson.

“Councillor Bellarby moved to grant the application and received support from the remaining nine Councillors including the three Stonehaven councillors Bellarby, Christie and clark.”

At the break in the meeting, Cllr Christie came over and I asked if the above document was accurate, and he confirmed it so, and gave me his business card. I then began to ask why ANYTHING was considered in this area, because other than the obvious (to some) flooding and other practical issues, there was the BIG ISSUE of the despoiling of the area, which is on the only approach to Dunnottar Castle from the town, and the main trunk A90 road.

I mentioned Dunnottar and the 8th Wonder of the World competition – Mr Christie had no clue what I was talking about – how out of touch can one be?

The people of Stonehaven, and Scotland, and the world can see the natural beauty of the Castle and the surrounding area. It would appear if this planning travesty comes to fruition, the Bancon Iceberg (because be assured that this is only the tip of the building that will subsequently happen) may finish off what Cromwell did not!

Dunnottar Castle was 7th. If you look at the next 50 or so that Dunnottar outvoted - how many of these would allow a roads depot and 40ft or higher recycling silos etc. to blot their precious world-renowned beauty spots?

Can I bring your attention to another free tourism plug (it doesn’t get much better than this). When Windows 7 was released it was pre-installed on all new computers, and many scrambled to upgrade from the ill-fated windows 8, including me. Guess what the default background photos were? About 6 scenes in the UK, including Giants Causeway, Stonehenge, London Bridge, and others. And yes, Dunnottar castle!

How many of these would allow roads depot and 40ft or higher recycling silos etc.?

Cllr Bellarby – shame on you for proposing such a thing, which is a traitorous act towards the people of Stonehaven who elected you. And shame on Christie and Clark for supporting you. I don’t know about the other six.

Yours etc.,

Ian Shewan

via email

Welcome seat - Things can get done

Madam - Don’t let it be said that our council cannot make something happen when asked.

Within less than a fortnight of sending my request to them, we now have a public seat in Slug Road near Mary Street.

I am gradually building up strength after serious illness, through walking every day. To be able to walk to the shops and back up the hill to get home, represents for me, getting back to normal health. Now that the seat is reinstated my confidence is increased, as I know I can stop there for a rest.

I think a lot of people missed that bench when shopping on foot, even if only to rearrange heavy bags before trudging up the hill. Thank you for the new seat and thank you to Horizon for encouraging me to write to the council, as well as their ongoing hard work in adding all the extras that make Stonehaven beautiful.

Yours etc,.

Bern Ross,


Millo proposals - As expected

Madam - As expected, the developers behind the Mill of Forrest proposals have submitted yet another planning application, which ignores both the existing and draft Local Development Plans. Clearly the Local Plan process means little to these organisations and they simply assume that by submitting repeated speculative planning applications that they will get their way eventually.

We should not be fooled by the reduced housing content or the social housing element as further applications will surely follow once the site has been opened up for development. The Mill of Forrest area is not allocated for development and it is about time Barratt and Drum accepted this, work with our LDP rather than against it, and stopped placing constant pressure on our Council’s resources and the pockets of hard-pressed Council Tax payers.

Yours etc,.

Robert Armstrong