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el nino

Preparing for flooding

Madam- The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is forecasting with a 95% certainty a very strong El Niño event this year. Their media is talking about a Godzilla El Niño Event - with major rain for the west of all North and South America. Recent MET Office work here in the UK has shown that the result over here (for 2015/16) is likely to be a cold and dryish winter but with lots of snow, followed by very unpredictable conditions for the whole of Northern Europe the following year (2016).

Now, it has not been “registered” that a past very strong El Niño events includes 1828, and the very, very bad flood event here in 1829, “The Muckle Spate” was in all probability its aftermath.

We would be wise if both our own, our Local Authority and Goverment’s contingency planning had the possiblility of major weather “events” on the radar for next year.

Yours etc.,

Fred Powada

Bridge of Mondynes


AB30 1LD

lee’s ramblings

National politics has no place in local politics

Madam- I refer to your reporter Lee McCann’s ramblings in last week’s Mearns Leader. Whilst the story of his connection with the Aberdeen man who became a terrorist is interesting and relevant given the local link, his final rant (hardly “ramblings”) about the Alistair Carmichael legal challenge is neither relevant nor local (never mind that the link he suggests seems to fall into the fanciful “conspiracy theory” camp).

In addition, it seems that Lee is clearly showing his political colours which I find disappointing in what should be a non-political newspaper. If we want to have a discussion about politicians not being totally honest, what about Alex Salmond telling us that there was legal advice on Scotland’s EU position when it later transpired that this was not true? Or Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond both telling the electorate that the referendum was a once in a lifetime / generation event – and now trying to wriggle out of that one?

Better perhaps to avoid any national politics in local newspapers. I’m sure there are plenty worthy and important stories in the Mearns and nearby without having to get into national political discussions (or rants).

Yours etc.,

Michael Brown



Recovers from Nervous Breakdown

Madam - The SNP successfully campaigned for an overwhelming victory at Westminster. That victory was achieved because ex Scottish conservative party and ex Scottish labour party members took rebellious responsibility for their failing parties and supported them instead by voting SNP.

Twenty eight years later the Labour Party has recovered from its nervous breakdown of 1987. Scottish Labour has regained its self respect and will regain its past support. The SNP will then need to rely upon the democratic practices of its genuine nationalists. With nowhere else to go, the Scottish conservative members of the SNP may stay or they may again take a chance and vote Conservative. Either way the SNP days of independent glory are numbered.

Scottish nationalism cannot expect to represent the international viewpoints of other nations. Only an economic, efficient, effective and satisfaction generating international Labour Movement can do that. Only those who are socially conscious from an international point of view are competent to sort out the current refugee crisis.

Opposition to the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and New Labour led the people of Scotland to reject them at Westminster. At the next Scottish General election all Scottish Labour Party anger, anxiety and depression will be gone as Kezia Dugdale and her reinvigorated party takes control.

John Lester


Barnett Formula - Losing out on proper provision

Madam, - The Barnett formula that sets Scotland’s share of government money never seems to be out of media these days.

The £1,200 per head of population extra for Scotland over England which I had worked out as correct because Scotland has three quarters the land mass of England but only about 10% of population, so to provide same level of public services outside central belt it costs a lot more.

Problem is since devolution the outlying rural areas have lost out as Holyrood has not given priority to rural needs and spent money on pet project’s and keeping central belt population sweet.

So highlands and islands, borders, northeast and like have lost out in proper provision of public services.

Eric R. S. Davidson

21, Bruce Street, Macduff, Banffshire.