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Parking in Stonehaven

Closing both car parks

Madam - On Monday I received through the post a circular telling me all about the proposal to build a new supermarket at Mains of Ury, so today (Tuesday) I decided I would pop down into Stonehaven town centre and have a wander around, maybe show some support to our local small traders in the face of this threat to their livelihoods.

I arrived at the Market Square and discovered that the car park was half full of equipment in preparation for the Hogmanay concert so obviously there was no parking there or on the surrounding streets.

As it was such a lovely day I thought I would park along at the leisure centre car park instead and walk along the beachfront back to the town centre, only to arrive there and discover no parking there either due to a travelling fair.

While I appreciate that both the fair and the ‘Open air in the Square’ are beneficial to the community it seems odd to me that the huge park area at Mineral Well sits empty while these events take place in entirely unsuitable locations.

If I were a cynic I might think that the closing of both carparks at the same time is a cunning plan by the council to damage local small businesses even more which would make it easier to force through planning for a supermarket and ease the passage of the back handers from the developer.

Just a thought.

Ian Micklethwaite



New members of Trieste Force

Madam, – The British Element Trieste Force Association was formed in 2004 for those ex-servicemen who served in the Free Territory of Trieste from 1945 and 1954.

Although our average age is now 85 we are still hoping to recruit new members!

There are opportunities to meet old colleagues through the quarterly magazine and association website.

Trips to Trieste have been arranged and area meetings are held in various parts of the country.

AGM’s are also held at different locations, the next being near Lichfield in March 2016: a visit to the National Memorial Arboretum is planned to coincide with the eighth anniversary of re- forming association in its present form.

If you are interested in knowing more about the association please get in touch with me by phone on 01665 589289, by email dagriggs@btinternet.com or write to Suilven, Ellingham, Chathill, Northumberland NE67 5HA.

We also welcome associate members for example, people whose relatives served there or who as children attended the Military School. – Yours etc.,


Membership Secretary.


King Canute’s spirit is out there

Madam, – How are humans going tocontrol the weather?

Thousands of years ago, when there was no such thing as cars or industries etc, there were far worse fluctuations in the evolution of the world.

Now, as we are only a tiny speck in the proceedings, their is no way on earth humans can ever control that.

A few years ago I went to have a look at a futile effort on South Uist, which I know very well, and had to laugh to myself, as I did after the recent meeting in France. All i can say is it seems King Canute’s spirit is still out there. They all really need to get a life and, to me, that means more spirituality and not secularity, or extreme leftie ideas that try to blackmail folk with politics to raise taxes. – Yours, etc.,

Angus Campbell,

Address supplied.


Quizzical new show needs you

Madam, – We are currently on the lookout for amazing contestants for ITV’s brand new quiz show 500 Questions!

An intense game of strategy and stamina, the aim of the game is to hold your own and bank cash as you go.

There is just one rule. Three wrong in a row and you’re out!

With a challenger to take your place and tens of thousands of pounds waiting to be won, can you handle the pressure?

If you, your friends, colleagues or anyone else you know are up for a laugh, have great general knowledge and want the chance to win thousands of pounds then please head to www.itv.com/beontv/shows/500questions. – Yours etc.,

The 500 Questions Team,



We pay £50m for this privilege?!

Madam, – Of course the EU want Britain to remain a member, Britain pays £50 million a day for the privilege.

As a result most of the laws passed by Parliament are instructions from Brussels, many of which are not to our advantage.

The EU Constitution which Cameron wants to change can only be amended by each and every member agreeing.

And a lot of them want our money to fund their grandiose development plans. – Yours etc.,

R. Alder,

Address supplied.


Cancer charity’s 2016 ambitions

Madam, – I would like to record my sincere thanks to all your readers who supported Cancer Support Scotland during 2015 through their generous donations.

In the last 12 months alone, there has been a 40 per cent rise in the number of people we have been able to help and we now offer almost 5000 appointments each year for our free complementary therapies.

Demand for our services is rising month by month and for 2016 we aim to double our fundraising because, by doing so, we can increase the services we provide by a factor of four through efficient and effective use of the donations.

All our services are provided free and we receive no government or lottery funding so we rely on the generosity of people like your readers.

Although we have been able to add new services and outreach centres thanks to your readers’ help, we have to do more as an increasing number of people are seeking our support and we cannot turn them away.

In response to the rising demand, we are planning to expand our service provision next year. But to do that successfully, we need to raise more finance.

I would appeal to your readers to get involved and help us by volunteering or taking part in some of our fundraising events.

At this time of year, many companies are also choosing their ‘Charity of the Year’ and I urge them to consider supporting Cancer Support Scotland.

We can help individuals and companies all the way from posters to fundraising packs. Just contact us and we will be delighted to support you. Please call 0141 337 8199 or visit www.cancersupportscotland.org and turn your good intentions into reality.

I would appeal to all your readers for their continued support in 2016 as we strive to help even more people as they deal with cancer. – Yours etc.,

Colin Graham,

Chief Executive,

Cancer Support Scotland.

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