Letters to the Editor - April 10

Here are the letters sent to us this week that can be seen on page 10. If you have a letter you can e-mail it to news@mearnsleader.com or mail it to 12 Ann Street, AB39 2ER.

Teaching situation - It’s not acceptable

Sir - My daughter started S.1 at Portlethen Academy in August 2014.

Since starting, the whole of this years S.1 have not taken part in ANY home economics classes as there are not enough teachers.

The H.E. teachers are there but are only able to teach those who have taken the subject in S.3 upwards and are working towards exams.

I feel this is unacceptable but there doesn’t seem to be any easy answer to resolve the problem.

Yours etc,.

Name and Address Supplied

No consultation - Anger and frustration

Sir - I just wanted to let you know of my sheer anger and frustration over the road closure for drainage works for the new housing development by Kirkwood Homes and FM Ury.

At no time were the residents of New Mains of Ury contacted about the extent of the closure which, as we were told only last week, is a total closure with no access by car, cycle or foot.

This will have a huge impact on my life for the next five weeks, as I travel down to Stonehaven several times a day for swimming, school, shopping and to visit the surgery.

The proposed diversion for us is to travel along the Netherley Road, join the South Deeside Road and head to the Bridge of Dee. After that join the A90 back to Stonehaven.

This will have a significant impact financially and from a time point of view.

Both developers have refused any compensation, for additional fuel and time it is going to take me to get into Stonehaven.

In my opinion, they are really not concerned about the impact this closure will have.

I am shocked that there was no consultation with any of the residents of New Mains of Ury, or the residents of Megray.

One glimmer of hope is that the road closure order says that pedestrian access must be maintained.

At least I will be able to walk to the town.

Yours etc,.

Name and Address Supplied

Scam phonecalls - A warning to others

Sir - This might be of interest to you.

I know that there are many scam calls about, but today my wife received a call purporting to be from “Stonehaven County Council.” The caller never actually got as far as explaining what she wanted, as my wife was somewhat abrupt with her.

The call was noted from the number “07584219254”. It seems from a search of “Google” that these calls are country wide, with just the council name being altered to suit. It was also the fact that the caller had our name and address - scary, or what?

I have already reported this to Police Scotland but this might be worthy of a small alert in your papers, especially for the older among us.

Yours etc,.

Peter Shankley

38 Malcolm’s Mount WestStonehaven

AUCHENBLAE APOLOGY - Personal oversight

A few weeks ago, at the Laurencekirk Community Coffee Morning, I was handed a set of notes about recent events in Auchenblae.

I then used these notes to write the article which appeared on the cover of the Kincardineshire Observer last week (Clocking off - Bob winds down after 30 years).

Without thinking, I put my personal byline on the story and would like to make it clear that this was an oversight on my part.

Full credit for the sourcing of the story, the research and the interview with Bob Jamieson should have gone to Jenny Thomson, an Auchenblae resident.

I would like to offer

Jenny a full and unreserved apology, through the public forum of this letters page.

This is something I have also done privately, over the telephone.

Yours etc,.

Craig Ferguson,


From Facebook - Vodafone signal down

Beth Scott: “The last time the tower covering our house (near Whitecairns) went down it took them the best part of two months to sort it.”

Kenny Duncan: “I’ve spoken to them a number of times, with no indication of the nature of the problem, or an expected fix time.”

Barry Pirie: “Its been four weeks, getting really bored of it now.”

Janice Nicol: “That’s not new, ours been weeks. I have a freedom freebie web pack which I have wasted this last month. Hope there is compo from Vodafone!”

Neil Smith: “It is an absolute disgrace. Customer services say they are working hard to rectify the problem. But they still can’t actually confirm what the problem, sorry issue, is. Ch-Ch-Chucklevision springs to mind!”

Walter Dinnie Fillingham: “Can’t Believe Vodafone still using old GPRS in Stonehaven Three and EE have reasonable 3G coverage!

Mind you that’s when Vodafone works.”

Brian Doyle: “The EE signal in around the Town Centre is awful, ranging from no signal to a bar or two of GPRS, sometimes a bar or two of Edge then up to a bar of 3G. It fluctuates wildly. I understand the physics of getting signals into the streets but the quality of service overall in the centre of Stonehaven is pretty poor. In the residential areas on the higher ground it seems to be fine.”

Scott Andrew: “Since this appeared in the Leader last week the signal was “fixed” - amazing eh..!!”