Letters to the Editor - Feb 13

Here are the letters sent to us this week that can be seen on page 10 along with some comment highlights from our Facebook page. If you have a letter you can e-mail it to news@mearnsleader.com or mail it to 12 Ann Street, AB39 2ER.

Response - Conservatives campaign hard

Sir - I take this opportunity to respond to comments made by my fellow Aberdeenshire councillor , Peter Argyle, in the Leader letters page of February 6.

Almost immediately after Alexander Burnett was selected as Conservative Candidate for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, he met with me on site at Laurencekirk to witness the “dodgem” junction for himself, and hear the views of local people. He has always worked seamlessly with his local councillors on the ground.

As recently as last week we were both in attendance at the Access Study which was supported by Nestrans, Transport Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council. This looked at the various options tabled to resolve the acute junction problems that residents face on a daily basis.

Following on from that meeting, Alexander attended Mearns Community Council which discussed at length the various proposals, and he listened carefully to their thoughts before arriving at their preferred option which they will promote in their final submission.

Alexander is well aware of that junction and the impact it is having on the A92 coastal road.

It has seen significant increases in traffic flows as people avoid the Laurenckirk junction when travelling from Montrose and Angus to access jobs in Aberdeen.

He knows how the surrounding A90 junctions are being used to avoid Laurencekirk but these junctions have no speed restriction and are infinitely more dangerous to negotiate. It is THE most important issue in Mearns Ward.

I requested Stuart Edgar, Transport Scotland north manager, attend our Area Committee and he confirmed that our road network north of Brechin was “sub- standard”! Mr Edgar confirmed that political will could trump Transport Scotland to deliver a junction, and it is what we expect from our elected representatives! Alexander is therefore quite right to criticise the Lib Dems who were in Scottish Government at the time we needed action, especially as we had two Lib Dem Transport Ministers and a Lib Dem MSP!

Peter is quite right to highlight that the focus now moves to the SNP to deliver NE projects and Alexander has been following these latest moves as part of his campaign.

Yours etc

Cllr George Carr

Mearns Ward

Your view from Facebook

Tributes to former dentist

Jean Duff: “Mr Leslie was an absolute gentleman.”

Audrey Stewart: “He was a lovely, man. A true gentleman.”

Sandra Walker: “Such a lovely person Jack and I rented our first fruit and veg shop in Barcley Street from him it was under his dental surgery couldn’t have been a nicer landlord.”

Martin DAgostino: “Remember him well with much fondness. I’ll never forget when he had to put his knee on my chest as leverage to take out a stubborn tooth, and him saying “that wasn’t too bad now was it?” He did it with the utmost of care. Condolences to family.”

Dunnottar dogged by poo

Caroline Campbell: “The whole of Stonehaven is littered by dog poo, something definitely needs to be done about this?”

Christine Rote: “People should be fined for not picking up their dog poo. It’s disgusting in a town that when I was growing was beautiful and spotless!”

Kenny MacLeod: “Been like that for years in stoney. Too many people that should not have dogs as they are too irresponsible. Dogs off the lead miles away having a c**p and the owners merrily on their way.”

Samantha MacLeod: “The Kessingland Parish Council has supplied dispensers with poo bags in, just in case you’re ‘caught short’, there are still a few irresponsible people who don’t pick up.

‘‘At the other end of the scale I saw a woman pulling out about a dozen, when I suggested quite politely that it would be good to leave some for other people she said ‘they are free, saves me buying them!”

Heather Adams Officer: “Stonehaven’s a nightmare for this at the moment. Hard to navigate the pram round it all. Disgusting, something needs to be done.”

Graham Macaulay: “The other problem, of course, are those that do pick up, but then discard the bag irresponsibly thus turning an unpleasant though biodegradable deposit into something that decorates the landscape for years.”

Phyllis Gauld: “Ann Street, Evan Street, Robert Street and Barclay Street had dog poo that was today.

‘‘I am only in Stoney on a Thursday so what is it like the rest of the week.

‘‘Dirty dog owners.”