Letters to the Editor - Feb 20

Here are the letters sent to us this week that can be seen on page 10 along with some comment highlights from our Facebook page. If you have a letter you can e-mail it to news@mearnsleader.com or mail it to 12 Ann Street, AB39 2ER.

Dog mess - Pick up the poo!

Sir- Most dog owners clean up after their dogs.

If you decide to have a dog in your life then looking after all its needs and accepting all the responsibilities that are attached to it’s ownership are part of that.

Unfortunately, however, it just takes a few ‘leavers’ using a route regularly to make it unpleasant.

The reasons why a small percentage of people don’t pick up after their dogs are many and varied, as will be their excuses no doubt. The effect that their neglect has on the community environment is significant and unhealthy.

One way to affect behaviour is to literally highlight the problem. A combined and determined project by a small group using water soluble spray paint can show just how much dog litter is actually present in any area. This has produced positive results in other areas of the country.

It can show to the council that there is a genuine reason for complaint as well as indicating to others where there are areas to avoid!

Finding out just how bad the problem actually is, is an important first step. Using different spray colours on different days may produce a rather garish landscape but it would show what is ‘old’ and ‘new’. It would probably be best run over a short time so as not to annoy the general public.

If laminated signs are also put up saying something like ‘Dog litter problem area - photography being used to gather evidence’ - it doesn’t have to be implemented but it will create doubt in the offenders minds.

As with speeding and drink driving, for some it’s only when the threat of being caught is a greater possibility that they comply. Sadly.

Yours etc.,

Martin Sim,

Westfield Road,


Dog Mess - Is this the solution?

Sir - Is this the answer to the problem regarding dog mess in and around Stonehaven?

The town council of Hernani, a town in Northern Spain not far from San Sebastian, has introduced a local bylaw, that makes dog DNA registration a mandatory requirement, prior to a municipal dog census aimed at keeping the streets clean.

Dog wardens will patrol the street and collect `evidence` sent to the university of the Basque country specialising in DNA testing and a fine of 300 euros is then imposed on the registered owner of the dog.

The same amount of fine will also be applied to owners of dogs that have not been DNA chipped.

The dog warden will be patrolling the streets checking that animals have been chipped. No chip, big fine.


Yours, etc.,

John Holyhead

via email

Recycling - Changes to shire arrangements

Sir - Last week’s article on the forthcoming changes to our recycling service omitted to mention the ceasing of kerbside glass uplift.

As one of the major components of the changes, this deserved a mention at the very least and I’m puzzled as to why it was left out.

Aberdeenshire Council points to EU, UK and Scottish legislation that they say explains why kerbside glass recycling can no longer be supported but residents in our neighbouring Councils of Moray and Angus with similar urban and rural areas continue to enjoy this vital service.

Indeed, the revised Angus scheme was only fully introduced in 2014 so it’s not as if their strategy is about to be obsolete.

The truth of the matter is that many Aberdeenshire council tax payers are going to be inconvenienced by this change, especially those without access to their own transport. There are also going to be more car journeys to recycling centres and the recycling rate of glass will likely go down.

The blame for this inadequate recycling strategy lies squarely at the door of Aberdeenshire Council who spent a lot of money on the wrong vehicles a few years ago which they are now forced forced to use to provide a degraded service.

Yours etc,.

Stuart Alexander

via email

Editor’s note: Information contained within this article came from a press release issued by the council.

Your view from Facebook

Recycling services

Taz Wings: “No point stopping at my place,, with a hubby two dogs and a cat, no food gets wasted.”

LeeLee Harv: “Good idea, however having had two wheelie bins and other recycling bins you need to find somewhere to put them all, not everyone has the space to store all these bins, then you have to chase them all down the street on a windy day or if stored outside.”

Neil Horne: “No mention of bottles and glass!”

Kat Wilkinson: “Brilliant news!”

Claire Clark: “Great that all the recycling will go in the same bin, so much easier. And more can be recycled too but I understand I will be having to go to the bottle bank with any glass.”

Sari Fraser: “What if you don’t have a car to transport bottles to the bottle bank?”

May Fletcher: “As long as they provide the food waste liners as they do in inverurie. You just tie a bog to your bin so they they know to leave you a new roll. Good idea.”

Shelley Gray: “These big bins should be harder for them to throw in the opposite direction of where they have been placed for collection too. Happy days.”

Ian Welsh: “One step forward and two back. Taking away glass collection is just ridiculous and still no waste collection.”

Pamela Dobbie: “Good idea. Can recycle more stuff and put it all in the one bin!”

Dawn Anderson: “Not thought about what so ever! Majority of my recycling is glass and I’m certainly not doing a weekly trip to the recycling centre to get rid, sorry, but it will be put in my normal bin which I’m sure alot of folk will do. Not everyone has a car to these places. Down in Fife they have it spot on why that couldn’t be done here I do not know.”

Keith B Knight: “Don’t knock it until you have tried it. We were all so used to dumping the waist food in the general dust bin and it ending up in the local tip attracting rats and the like. Now you get a superb medium sized bin with handle and excellent biodegradable liners and after you dump the waist food at meal times, just put it out the back door and it all avoids the trip to the dump and mixed in with all the other waist. Give it a go. It’s the way to go.”