Letters to the Editor March 27

Here are the letters sent to us this week that can be seen on page 10. If you have a letter you can e-mail it to news@mearnsleader.com or mail it to 12 Ann Street, AB39 2ER.

Happening again - This time it’s the bins

Sir - Yet again I feel the need to put finger to tablet and vent my frustrations on the eyes of your readers. This time it’s the bins!

It must be that time again where the council have a meeting and decide between themselves to solve a problem by changing all the rules.

Last time it was the collection timings and the type of bins we had to use. We basically got told at the town meeting, this is the way it is so like it or lump it.

Now it is happening again, with the recycling changing to the big bins instead of the boxes.

This is so that the council can change their vehicles to the rear loaders, and no doubt get rid of the all singing all dancing recycling motors.

But this time we have to recycle our grub as well.

This is commendable, but give with one hand, take with tuther. Now we can’t recycle the glass unless we take it to the plant ourselves. Strange situation methinks.

But, what I am really boiling about, there has been no consideration given to ourselves, it was a case, again, of this is what is happening so get on with it.

I came home the other day and there it was dumped at my back door, big bin, wee bucket.

Personally I don’t live in the Tardis, so room is at a premium, and being down the harbour on the main tourist path, I am looking forward to them having a fantastic view of the various bins and bulk bins contributing to the ambiance of the old toon experience.

I am not as bad as the folks on King street, every week, kiddies, mums, prams, wheelchairs have to negotiate the assault course of bins on the footpath, as they are not wide enough to get past, and will end up going on the road, and playing Russian roulette with the traffic.

Where are people meant to store all these bins. I return tonight and find another bulk recycling bin and bulk food bin dumped beside the two bulk bins for rubbish, That were dumped the last time things changed in the car park outside the house.

This is not a big car park and parking is a risky business at the best of times. It can be an adventure parking, what with the Shepherds Hall and harbour close by. But now it is worse.

Council opinion seems to be, we won’t care what the residents have to put up with, we will just put the bins there and not consult or think what alternatives there are. We will please ourselves.

I believe that they are being dumped in three locations around the Castle Square area. So we are not alone. But with less room, and the extra bins, the council vehicle driver will have his hands full negotiating the car park now and, trust me, the driver that does it is a magician for getting in and out every week up to now without incident - he needs a medal.

And the thought of having a plastic food bin on the street permanently, is not something I look forward to.

I only hope that this is the end of this farce that is the council changing the rules to achieve their targets of recycling, so get together and think it out, and come to a long term decision and stick to it. Buy the vehicles that do the job, and it will save the money for millions of new bins which will not be cheap, and then dumping the millions of boxes that you will now write off as they are not to your liking.

I, for one, am really cheesed off with all this bins being dumped on me, and now am neither up nor doon as to wether I recycle or not.

Can you tell I am raging,? Thought so!

Yours etc,.

Rikee Corbett

via email

White racists - Just like the bees...

Sir -It was recently brought to my attention that some of our Church adherents are active in Inverbervie and this had caused quite a stir.

Having read the piece written by Lee McCann titled ‘Inverbervie targeted by radical group’, which is littered with schoolboy errors and inaccuracies, I would like to clear one or two things up.

You state that The Church of Creativity is promoting ‘white power’ and ‘white supremacy’ in the area. This implies that adherents to our religion are in favour of dominating and even enslaving members of other races, which is completely wrong and absurd.

In all our literature, and in all our religious texts, never once do we refer to our religion as a ‘white power’ or ‘white supremacist’ religion. On the contrary. Adherents to Creativity advocate racial separation - the very opposite of ‘white supremacy’ - and that white people, both locally and on a global scale, simply look out for the best interests of their own kind. We call this racial loyalty and solidarity.

Just like the bees look out for the best interests of their own kind, the wolves look out for their own, and every other sane creature of nature looks out for the best interests of their own kind. This is completely normal, in harmony with nature and that is what Creators and Creativity is all about. I would appreciate it if you corrected these errors and referred to Creators as ‘Racial Separatists’ and ‘Racial Loyalists’.

Creativity is a legally recognised racial religion, based on the eternal Laws of Nature (reality), the lessons and experience of history, on logic and common sense. Adherents are dedicated to the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of White people. Our goal is to build a Whiter and Brighter world. If you have read our flyer, you will be aware that we do not believe in the supernatural, which we derisively term ‘spooks in the sky’.

I would further like to note that the content of the stickers that appear in the piece is perfectly legal.

Yours etc,.

Rev James Mac,

Church of Creativity


Editor’s note: Errors and inaccuracies - that’s a matter of opinion? Otherwise, words fail me I’m afraid.