Lib-Dems call for flyover action

Supporters of the Laurencekirk flyover campaign are delighted that a new transport minster has replaced the heavily criticised Stewart Stevenson MSP.

Angus and Mearns Lib Dem candidate, Sanjay Samani commented: “Laurencekirk junction has been the scene of several fatalities and many serious accidents in recent years, but has been ignored by the previous minister.

“This is a great opportunity to restore credibility to Transport Scotland’s road safety reputation. The previous SNP minister claimed flyover decisions were made on the basis of safety, but when forced to reveal accident figures by Laurencekirk campaigners, it was clear that congestion was of higher priority to Mr Stevenson.

“A Transport Scotland spokesperson has stated that the new minister, Keith Brown MSP, will be reviewing all issues under his new portfolio, including Laurencekirk junction. This is welcome news but Mr Brown needs to take action quickly to prevent further accidents at the junction.

“Supporters of the campaign, like myself, will be bitterly disappointed by any further delaying tactics. As one MSP on the Petitions Committee put it, Mr Stevenson treated the Committee with “contempt”. Mr Brown needs to distance himself from his predecessor, by being open and decisive.”

Angus Councillor David May has joined Mr Samani in inviting the new minister, to see the crossing at rush-hour when it is at its busiest.

Councillor May commented: “I will be writing to the petitions committee to make the offer of that meeting and would be delighted if the new minister would accept. Perhaps I am being a little cycnical but I am concerned that this will once again be kicked into the long grass by the SNP.

“It is absolutely crucial that this junction is in the 20-year strategic plan — the evidence for the need for the flyover is all there.

“Unfortunately the fatalities and the accidents are here and now, this should have been addressed by now.”