Littering on boardwalk angers resident

The litter left behind by a couple on the boardwalk.
The litter left behind by a couple on the boardwalk.

A Stonehaven resident has complained about people leaving litter on the town’s boardwalk.

The resident, who lives in Arbuthnott Place, contacted the Mearns leader to say: “Living overlooking the boardwalk, we’re generally very impressed with the care the vast majority of people take in removing dog mess and placing litter in the frequently over-full bins, but just occasionally I see this sort of thing!”

The resident went on to explain that he had witnessed a couple enjoy a meal from the local chipper before discarding their rubbish and walking off.

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He added: “These two characters sat themselves down on the rock armour on the far side of the Carron, and scoffed their meal, in between times, casually flinging chips for the gulls. From the general body language I just knew what was going to happen next - sure enough, finished with distributing the remnants of their meals, they simply dumped the polystyrene containers at their feet and walked off.”