Local girl goes a cut-above for charity

Ten-year-old Darcy Ralph, with her long hair before she got it cut.
Ten-year-old Darcy Ralph, with her long hair before she got it cut.

A JOHNSHAVEN hairdresser was surprised when one of her regular clients came in and instead of getting her usual “trim” requested that she get at least six inches taken off her hair.

Ten-year-old Darcy Ralph went into Odysee Hair Design and asked for the radical cut, salon owner Kirsty Mcintosh was surprised by the request from her long-haired client, and was even more surprised by what Darcy was going to do with her chopped locks.

Darcy wanted at least six inches cut off so she could donate it to a charity called The Little Princess Trust which specialises in providing wigs for children who have lost their hair due to a variety of reasons, in particular children who have lost their hair after cancer treatment.

Darcy’s mum, Helen explained that she was “surprised” when Darcy first said she wanted to cut her hair as she had always had long hair and had been growing it “forever.”

She said: “I said if you are going to cut all of that hair off then you can donate it to other people who need to have wigs because they have lost their hair due to cancer.” She said that straight away Darcy was “really interested” in the idea, particularly as her Grandad had died of cancer.

Helen admitted she put off booking the appointment as she was worried Darcy didn’t really want to lose the hair however, when she did go and get it cut her mum says she “took it in her stride.”

Darcy’s haircut left a lasting impression on salon owner Kirsty who decided she would like to do something for the charity, and therefore has decided that if anyone would like to make a hair donation to the charity the salon will provide sponsor forms and that way the charity will not only receive a donation of hair but also a monetary donation.

Kirsty explains: “They need six inches to work with at the moment but any more than that is a bonus. If I can encourage people to do that and raise money at the same time it would be great.” She added that having sponsorship behind them might encourage people to donate their hair and not to change their minds once they are at the salon.

The Little Princess Trust charity was started in 2005 by the parents of Hannah Tarplee who sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer. At the time her parents, Wendy and Simon, decided that they wanted to start a charity dedicated to providing specialist children’s wigs.

They decided on this particular charity as during her cancer treatment their daughter Hannah found losing her hair particularly upsetting, and at the time finding a specialist childrens wig maker was difficult, and so the Little Princess Trust was created.

The charity provides wigs for both boys and girls. More information can be found at www.littleprincesses.org.uk or head into Odysee hair design in Johnshaven to find out about their fundraising efforts.