Local vet’s heartbreak over missing ducks

A Stonehaven man has spoken of the emotional background of his three pet ducks after they disappeared from his home last week.

Allan Annat, director of Kirkton Veterinary Centre, had raised the ducks since they hatched three and a half years ago with his partner Jennifer Chalmers, who died after her scooter collided with a car in Stonehaven last year.

Mr Annat’s ducks lived in the back garden of his home at 58 Arduthie Road and went missing between Monday evening and Tuesday morning last week.

Mr Annat had fed the ducks on the Monday (19 November) in the dark so had not seen them but this was not deemed to be unusual.

On Tuesday (20 November) he noticed the food had not been eaten and the ducks were nowhere to be seen. He said that often if he quacked to the ducks they would quack back but this did not happen.

There were stray feathers in the garden but Mr Annat, who has been a vet for over 40 years, said there were not enough feathers to believe they had been taken by a predator, such as a fox, and he was sure this is not what happened.

The three ducks, named by Ms Chalmers as Daisy, Daffodil and Tulip, were described by Mr Annat to be “very vocal” and he believes someone will have heard them from Arduthie Road or the surrounding area and gone into his garden and taken them.

Mr Annat said: “It’s so sad because Jennifer was so fond of them. It’s a mean, nasty act. The ducks were free to run around the garden and they had a small paddling pool which Jennifer bought for them to play in.

“Many people knew we had them as they’re quite vocal - and Arduthie Road is a busy area that many people walk up and down.

“The ducks are Silver Appleyard and mostly grey and white in colour. I am quite sure they have been taken to be eaten as they’re an old fashioned British table duck. Sadly, I think they’re gone.”

However if the ducks have been taken to be eaten, the person who eats them will be sure to know about it.

Mr Annat said that the ducks were on medication that would not be incredibly good for humans if it was consumed.

Mr Annat believes that if the ducks have been taken, then they would have had their necks wrung on the spot as otherwise he would have heard them making a noise from his house.

The Stonehaven vet is terribly upset at the disappearance and described the ducks as a “remaining link” to his late partner Jennifer.

The incident has been reported to Grampian Police but Mr Annat has lost hope that they will be returned alive.

However anyone with any information on either the whereabouts of the ducks, or any information leading to what may have happened to the ducks, should contact Grampian Police on 0845 600 5700 or contact Kirkton Veterinary Centre with any information by phoning 01569 764140.

Mr Annat has said there will be a reward for any information that provides to be useful for finding out what happened to Daisy, Daffodil and Tulip.