Loss of business land

MEARNS Community Council members have concerns about the loss of industrial land in Laurencekirk, with an application having been lodged to build 15 houses on the site of Reekie House, on Aberdeen Road.

Member Jim Stuart said that he was “ill at ease” with industrial land being developed for housing.

He felt that considering the community council have argued long and hard for the provision of more business land in Laurencekirk, they should not let this application go forward without comment.

“Can we afford the loss of such prime commercial land?”

Chairman David Nelson said the owners of the property had been trying for over 12 months to sell the site for commerical development.

Mr Stuart found some backing in the shape of Hilda Kerr and at her suggestion the community council will write to Aberdeenshire Council expressing concern at the loss of a business site.

The local authority have carried out grass cutting in Laurencekirk cemetery, but Mr Stuart remains far from satisfied with its condition.

He said there was a problem with drainage at the cemetery and that an ornamental tap which was a feature of the cemetery had been removed and had never been brought back.

“We have been told we are getting no more paths in the cemetery, does this mean that disabled people in wheelchairs are effectively banned from visiting graves?

“We have had the grass cut, but the shrubs badly need trimmed and there are a number of toppled gravestones.”

Mr Stuart also returned to the attack on the subject of overhead wires for new housing developments.

“Can we do anything to stop this? We fought long and hard years ago to get a policy whereby wires were put underground. The utilies should be told that wires go underground unless there is a very good reason for not doing so.”