Lotto cash award for Aberdeenshire deaf charity

Deaf Action, Scotland’s largest deaf charity, is celebrating a lotto win that is set to benefit deaf people in Aberdeenshire.

IT Training, Sound Advice, First Aid and Health and Safety are just some of the courses soon to be delivered in Aberdeenshire. With funding from Awards for All, a Lottery grants scheme, Deaf Action will present a diverse and informative programme of courses specially designed for deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people. All events have been devised in response to some of the common challenges experienced by people with a hearing loss including isolation, communication difficulties or difficulties in accessing advice and information.

Hearing loss is often seen as an inevitable part of the ageing process but Deaf Action firmly believe that with the right information and support, people with a hearing loss will continue to remain connected within their local communities. A huge part of staying connected in a modern world means getting connected online. Computers can be invaluable in accessing services but remain a daunting prospect to many, which is why an IT course has been created for hard of hearing people. The course, delivered by people with a hearing loss, will cover all the basics needed to get people working confidently with computers and exploring the Internet.

It is estimated that there are over 41,000 people with a hearing loss in Aberdeenshire, Susan Gibson, Community Services Manager at Deaf Action, commented: “We have been working in the shire for more than two years and in that time have met and worked with some wonderful people. We are delighted to be extending our services and are hoping to reach around 100 people with our programme of free courses and events.”

For full details contact Deaf Action: Tel/Text 01467 629 604 or