Machinery parts thefts

There have been two recent incidents of theft of machinery plant parts in Aberdeenshire. On two separate occasions expensive engine components were removed from unattended diggers and tractors.

PC Kevin Marron, Crime Reduction Officer says, “It may be that the components have been “stolen to order” as a certain level of knowledge would have to be possessed to obtain the parts. Grampian Police are committed to reducing all crime including rural crime such as this. There are a range of measures to achieve this from from property marking up to building temporary secure compounds. Where possible plant should be left in a secure location and avoid leaving any plant or machinery in isolated places.”

A full range of recommendations can be found on the Grampian Police website Advice Centre page by following the link to the Crime Reduction section where the Plant Theft Booklet can be viewed. Police would encourage anyone who may have information regarding these types of incidents and has seen anything unusual or suspicious regarding this type of incident to contact Grampian Police on 0845 600 5700.