Mackie Academy pupils win £3000 grant for RNLI

L-R: Rebekah Laing, Kirsty Johnston, and Megan-Ann Durkin.
L-R: Rebekah Laing, Kirsty Johnston, and Megan-Ann Durkin.

The RNLI branch in Stonehaven has been given a £3000 boost following Mackie Academy’s Youth & Philanthropy Initiative Final .

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is a programme currently delivered in 110 secondary schools in Scotland by the Wood Family Trust. Originally a programme of the Toskan Cascale Foundation in Canada, YPI was introduced in Scotland in 2008 and has since engaged with over 25,000 pupils across the country.

Each school selects a year group to deliver the programme (between S2 and S6) which is then split into teams.

Each team then researches a local service issue they feel passionate about and identify an appropriate local grassroots charity.

They then work together to create presentations and go through stages before the finalists present in front of a panel of judges, where the group with the most discerning and impassioned argument wins £3000 for their chosen charity.

Mackie Academy has been taking part in YPI for six years and delivers the programme through their S5 guidance cirriculum.

The winning presentation by Rebekah Laing, Kirsty Johnston and Megan-Ann Durkin focused on the work of the RNLI around the local coastal area.

The team emphasised how the RNLI helps a wide range of people, yet receives no government funding. The girls help out at coffee mornings and hope to continue to do so.