Mackie pupils take on Moroccan challenge

Two Mackie Academy pupils will take on a cycle challenge of over 150 miles to raise money for a Moroccan school.

Wednesday, 18th July 2012, 2:42 pm

Stuart Moir and Angus Matheson, who have just begun their 6th year at the Academy, will cycle coast to coast from Stonehaven to Fort William at the end of the month.

The two pupils participated in a geography study tour to Morocco last year and during the trip they visited a school where they were astonished to realise there was no form of a toilet because the village could not afford one.

Stuart said: “Whilst in the country - a landscape completely different to what we’re used to - we saw some amazing things. We travelled around a lot of the country and were taken aback by some of the outstanding scenery and the completely different way of life.”

On their last day in Morocco they travelled to a small village half an hour outside the popular holiday destination of Marrakech.

The boys weren’t sure what to expect of the day but they said it turned out to be possibly the best. They were warmly welcomed by the villagers and got stuck in helping them do their daily tasks. They got a tour of the village and got shown inside the school with no toilet.

They said: “Our tour guide for the week was from the village and he told us that the younger children often wet themselves because they were too scared to do the toilet in a bush.

“We were taken aback by this as we have no idea what it’s like not to have basic amenities. On returning to Scotland we took it upon ourselves to raise some money to try and help the village fund a toilet for the school.”

Stuart (16) and Angus (17) are both from Stonehaven and will start the journey on July 30 and end on August 5. They will camp along the way and have support from their friend who was also on the trip. He will drive alongside them, set up camp and carry all the essentials along the way.

The boys are aiming to raise £1000 for the school.

Angus said: “We are both extremely excited about the challenge and look forward to making a difference to the school and helping them to have something that we take for granted every single day.”

The boys cannot set up an online fund raising page because the cause they are donating money to is now a registered charity, however if you would like to help the two teenagers reach their £1000 target, you can get in touch by emailing Stuart at [email protected]