March line-up at the Barn

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SOCK puppets, slapstick comedy and a tale of guilt, resentment and rivalry are all set to feature as part of Woodend Barn’s line-up for the rest of March.

First up this evening at 7.30pm (March 17), Inverness-based Dogstar presents Sweetness, a tale written by Kevin MacNeil and based on Torgny Lindgrenʼs darkly comic novel. The story is transposed from northern Sweden to northern Scotland and centres around a pair of old feuding brothers, estranged until a writer, on a lecture tour, gets snowed in.

She becomes both nurse and confessor to the brothers, eventually leading them to their fate with profound, funny and touching results.

MacNeil’s script is more proof that he is one of Scotlandʼs finest young writers, and this coupled with the talented cast of Lynne Verrall, Sean Hay and Matthew Zajac who also directs, promises a rich night’s entertainment.

Next, on Saturday, March 26, the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre rolls into town with a show never before seen in the Shire - take one pair of old socks, sew on a pair of eyes and dress them up in a variety of small costumes, place on hands and set free to cause comedy mayhem.

Innovative creator, Kev F. Sutherland is usually found at the end of a cartoonist’s pen as one of his many talents is drawing cartoons for The Beano and first used the Socks to demonstrate a Shakespearean parody at a show called The Sitcom Trials in London in 2005.

The Socks have had sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Festival four years running, toured internationally, appeared on television and are a massive YouTube hit with their unique brand of songs, sketches, socks and violence.

The new tour will feature the best bits of the last two years plus new material (darned at last!) and the chance for some audience participation. Maybe you think the Socks should devise a sitcom, a drama or a cookery show. Come armed with your own ideas for challenges for the Socks, then judge if they are good enough for the telly.

And now a warning from the Sockmeister himself Kev F., who says: “Some content can be a bit risque so parents beware - kids love it!”

The following afternoon at 3pm (March 27) sees innovative Edinburgh theatre company Plutôt La Vieʼs present their latest family production - a venture into the world of three men and a chair.

Nothing to be done and nothing to do. Fritz, Franz and Rudy sit and wait. Expectation! Hope! Boredom! Delight! Not to take things sitting down, they put their best feet forward to make the grade and avoid a kick in the pants. A hilarious exploration of relationships, slapstick and chairs as three men await their fate.

Described as “clowning at its absolute best” this slapstick performance is suitable for age 7+.

Tickets for all three shows are available from Woodend Barn on 01330 825431 or online at