Margo’s lasting memories of visits to Stonehaven

Margo MacDonald opened the Stonehaven Open Air Pool 10 years ago
Margo MacDonald opened the Stonehaven Open Air Pool 10 years ago

Stonehaven folk have joined in the tributes paid to veteran Scottish politician Margo MacDonald, who died peacefully at home last week.

The 70-year-old MSP, who passed away with her family by her side, was regarded with respect and affection across the political spectrum.

She had been battling Parkinson’s Disease for 20 years.

Tributes flowed in Stonehaven as Friends of the Open Air Pool remembered Margo opening the popular attraction for its 70th year in 2004.

One stated: “Margo’s death on April 4 after a long fight with Parkinson’s has extinguished a bright shining light in Scottish politics.

“Having enjoyed many a dook in the Open Air Pool as a child, she came north for two days in June 2004 with her husband, Jim Sillars, at the invitation of the Friends of the Pool, to perform the official opening ceremony and, typically, waived her fee for doing so.

“Margo demonstrated then what she had shown throughout her political life in the form of a formidable intellect, a real and fun-filled zest for life - despite visible early stages of the disease - a down to earth nature, a determination to put people first in all that she did and a passion for Scottish Independence. She was a standout during her stay at Stonehaven, with so many folk eager to chat with her or simply shake her hand.

“Back at Holyrood, she was a free spirit who spoke her mind with great clarity and perception and was genuinely loved and respected by politicians of every hue.

‘‘Now she has gone, when will we see her like again?’’