Mars celebrates local invention

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The President of Mars confectionary in the UK has shown her support for the Stonehaven born deep-fried Mars bar only weeks after the company said they did not want to be associated with the modified snack.

The Carron Fish Bar in Stonehaven received a letter from Mars threatening legal action earlier this month when the confectionary company heard that the local takeaway was thinking about applying for protection under the EU’s Protected Food Name Scheme.

Owners of the Carron, where the deep fried Mars bar was invented around 20 years ago, were reported in local, national and worldwide press saying that they considering applying for the protection status to confirm that the invention was originally created at the Carron Fish Bar in Stonehaven. If they had applied and been given permission, the Stonehaven deep-fried Mars bar would join the likes of Parma Ham, Cornish Pasties and Champagne under the protection scheme.

The Carron Fish Bar then received a legal letter stating that Mars did not want to be associated with the product and asked them to display a disclaimer stating that the high calorie snack is not “authorised” or “endorsed” by Mars and did not fit in with their “healthy eating” marketing campaign.

However earlier this week, the president of Mars Chocolate UK Fiona Dawson insisted that the company has no objection to deep frying its famous bar and actually praised the spirit of the Carron proprietors: “It’s not at all that we weren’t happy with it. We are very proud of our association in Scotland. This was simply an issue around a patent of origin – it’s a complicated area of intellectual property rights – but anything that supports local businesses, local industry and frankly ingenuity has got to be celebrated as well.”

The news was welcomed by Lorraine Watson, who sells around 150 of the deep-fried bars a week at Carron Fish Bar.