Marshals needed for Hogmanay Fireballs

People travel from all over the world to see the famous Fireballs ceremony
People travel from all over the world to see the famous Fireballs ceremony

With preparations in full swing for this year’s Hogmanay Fireballs ceremony, organisers have revealed that they have secured less than half of the volunteer marshals needed for the event to go ahead.

15 people have so far volunteered to act as marshals at the world famous event, but Fireballs Event Organiser Kevin Boyne told the Leader that 35-40 marshals are needed on the night to helo the event run without a hitch.

He said: “We always get people coming forward on the night, but at the moment we have 15 marshals confirmed. We always say if you want to guarantee a good view at the Fireballs, become a marshal.

“We can never have too many, so as long as you are preferably over 18 and reasonably fit, the more the merrier.”

A good view may be harder to get this year, as the Open Air in the Square event being cancelled could mean more people going along to the Fireballs. However, Kevin isn’t concerned as the barriers to the event will simply close once they are full.

He added: “It’s difficult to predict how busy it will be, it depends a lot on the weather. You don’t want to come down too early as you will be standing around in the cold for a while, although we do have entertainment on in the lead up to the main event.”

Anyone who is interested in helping at the event can contact Kevin Boyne on (01569) 762894 or visit The Stonehaven Fireballs Facebook page, or visit