Marykirk Primary School pupils learning to sign

Children from Marykirk Primary School are singing and learning sign language to raise money to help vulnerable deaf children and adults.

The pupils are taking part in sign2sing 2016, an annual fundraising event from the deaf health charity SignHealth.

Thousands of schools, businesses and other organisations take part, getting an exciting and fun introduction to British Sign Language through music. They will all be learning a specially written song and signs that they can perform as they sing.

Head Teacher Fiona Thomson said: “We’re so delighted to welcome Gayna Sandeman of TinyTalk Angus & The Mearns to teach the children basic British Sign Language and the Sign2Song song!”

“It’s a fantastic way for children to learn how important communications is while having fun mastering a little sign language raising money to help improve the health of deaf people.”

Money raised by those taking part in sign2sing goes is used by SignHealth to improve access to healthcare for Deaf people. Deaf children are twice as likely to suffer some life threatening illnesses when they are adults, because it’s difficult to get health services or advice in sign language. SignHealth provides vital services in sign language, including therapy and assistance to escape from domestic abuse.

Susie Norbury, SignHealth’s Director of Fundrasing said: “The more that children learn to sign, the more included and less isolated Deaf children will be. And the money this event raises is vital so we can continue to trying to give Deaf children the same chance of a life as healthy as their hearing friends.”

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