Marykirk pupils get a fizz, boom and bang

The pupils getting involved
The pupils getting involved

Pupils at Marykirk Primary School were mixing up some powerful concoctions in the classroom when Generation Science’s Fizz Boom Bang.

Generation Science is a touring programme of science shows delivered by the Edinburgh International Science Festival, and Marykirk is the first of 32 different primary schools in the north-east that the team visited.

Fizz, Boom, Bang is a chemistry workshop where pupils explore how to make concoctions fizz, smoke and sometimes even go bang. They also learn about what makes chemicals react and participate in a range of experiments as well as getting to witness a dramatic liquid reaction known as the elephant’s toothpaste.

Fiona Thomson, head teacher at Marykirk Primary School, said: “We are delighted to welcome the Generation Science tour to the school.

“It is an excellent way of engaging our pupils in the world of chemistry using a range of experiments to create spectacular results. It is hands-on and makes science fun and enjoyable.”

John Davidson, Generation Science manager, said: “We are delighted to visit Marykirk in our 25th anniversary year.

“Over the spring and summer terms we will be able to visit schools all over Scotland, educating and exciting pupils by the wonder and meaning of science.”

In its 25 year of touring science education to schools and by the end of the summer, it should have reached over one million pupils in Scotland.

It is the largest school science touring programme in the UK and has activities for all ages.

The tour is sponsored by oil and gas company Total, whose senior communications advisor, Sandra McLennan, said: “These workshops spark the imagination and the interest in science of every child that has the opportunity to see them and that is one of the main reasons we’ve expanded our support to Generation Science for the next three years.”