Marykirk Village hall faces threat of closure

MARYKIRK Village Hall could become in danger of closing if more local residents don’t come forward to join the committee, its members have warned.

The Marykirk Village Hall Committee is due to hold its AGM next Wednesday (April 17) and are appealing for members of the small community to come along and offer a helping hand with the running of the well-used facility.

Committee chairman Chris Rushbridge told the Observer: “The existing committee is largely made up of the same people who were on it 25 years ago. Once these members retire there will be no one to keep it going, so we really need some new people coming forward who can carry it on.”

The village hall is well used by a a large proportion of the community, hosting regular toddler groups, dog classes and private parties, as well as being used as a changing facility by the local football team.

It is also vital to the pupils of Marykirk School, as it is used for their sports activities.

Funding for the hall comes from charges made for use of the hall, and that is supplemented by grants and fundraising. But Mr Rushbridge said that fundraising efforts made by the committee have been very poorly supported by the village community in recent years.

He said: “There has just been less and less interest in helping to run it from locals. Our fundraisers are usually supported by committee members and that’s about it.

“Everyone is happy to use the hall but there is just a lack of support for the actual running of it. It doesn’t run itself.

“The various groups that make use of the hall are supposed to send a representative along to our meetings but most of them don’t bother.”

The original village hall was given to the community of Marykirk in 1925 by a local wealthy family, and it has been well-used ever since.

By the early 90s it had become rundown and a great effort was made by villagers to raise funds for a new hall, which was opened in 1996.

The AGM will be held in the village hall next Wednesday evening (April 17) at 7pm.