Mearns Camera Club

'The Museum' by Brian Doyle
'The Museum' by Brian Doyle

Mearns Camera Club’s ‘Uniform, Pattern and Repeat’ competition was judged on Monday, February 2, in Stonehaven Community Centre.

Judge Ian McCurrach said it was a challenging competition, in terms of subject matter, but many of the images presented had met this challenge.

He said it was all about content and form and arrangement within the frame. He was looking for natural form, synthetic form, sharpness and depth of field.

His comments were well received by those members who had entered images in the competition. The results are as follows :-

Mono Print 1. ‘The Museum’ by Brian Doyle 20 points 2. ‘Cross-Eyed’ by Brian Doyle 19 points 3. ‘Repeat in Glass’ by Mark Woodfin 18 points

Coloured Print 1. ‘In front of snow mountain’ by Alan Gawthorpe 20 points 2. ‘An eyeful’ by Brian Doyle 19 points 3. ‘Pheasant’ by Denis Foreman 18 points

Projected Digital Image 1. ‘Slate’ by Neil Weston 20 points 2. ‘Colour blocks’ by Martin Sim 19 points 3. ‘Waiting for summer’ by Alan Newton 18 points.

Peter Walker gave Ian a vote of thanks, commenting on his obvious passion for photography, the hard work he had put in to judging the entries and the quality of his comments.