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Unmoved By The Seizure of Roger Mortimer' by Neil Weston
Unmoved By The Seizure of Roger Mortimer' by Neil Weston

Mearns Camera Club’s third Open Competition of the 2014-15 session was judged on Monday night at their weekly meeting in Stonehaven Community Centre.

Judge David Mackintosh, from Huntly, who had judged Mearns Club competitions before, said he enjoyed looking at the work and though that the standard was very high with a lot of quality images on view.

He also said he was looking for sharp, well composed and interesting images. His comments on them were insightful and mainly supportive.

Top results on the night were :-

Mono print 1. ‘Unmoved By The Seizure of Roger Mortimer’ by Neil Weston 20 points, 2. ‘Outside The Marine at Folk Festival’ by Alan Belton 19 points 3= ‘GWR 5322’ by Neil Weston, ‘Assynt Reflection’ by Brian Doyle 18 points.

Coloured print 1. ‘’Shallow River’ by Alan Gawthorpe 20 points, 2. ‘Guardians of the Island’ by Pat Copner 19 points, 3= ‘City Gents’ by Pat Copner, ‘With These Hands’ by Alan Belton 18 points.

Projected Digital Image 1. ‘Union Street’ by Paul Nesvadba 20 points, 2. ‘Turbine Hall’ by Neil Weston 19 points, 3. ‘Monks’ Reserve’ by Peter Walker, ‘Guarding The Young’ by Alan Gawthorpe, ‘Back Sand Beach’ by Martin Sim 18 points.

Mike Reid proposed thanks.

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