Mearns Camera Club ‘Natural World’ Competition Results

Mearns Camera Club’s ‘Natural World’ competition was judged at their weekly meeting in Stonehaven Community Centre on Monday evening.

Judge Malcolm McBeath a member and past president of Dundee Camera Club, said he enjoyed looking at the work and hoped his comments would be of use and help members to learn and improve with their photographic efforts.

He said he was looking for good composition, content, technique and visual appeal.

He thought the standard of the club’s entries was excellent and he had some debate with himself before choosing the eventual winners.

Iain Wood gave Malcolm a vote of thanks,, commenting his obvious passion for photography, the hard work he had put in to judging the entries and the quality of his comments.


Black and White Print 1 ‘Relentless Sea’ by Iain Wood (20 points), 2 ‘Life at the Waterhole’ by Alan Gawthorpe (19 points), 3 ‘Fungi’ by John McSevney (18 points).

Coloured Print - 1 ‘Red Squirrel on Moss’ by Alan Gawthorpe (20 points), 2 ‘Redshank’ by John McSevney (19 points), 3 ‘Coprinus Toadstool’ by Mark Woodfin (18 points)

Projected Digital Image 1 ‘Turnstone’ by John McSevney (20 points), 2 ‘Hairy Hawker Dragonfly’ by Linda Johnston (19 points), 3 ‘Eagle and Dead Lamb’ by Alan Gawthorpe (18 points)