Mearns Camera Club treated to ‘long exposures’


The first guest speaker of the Mearns Camera Club’s new session got the year off to a flying start with his talk on ‘Long Exposure Photography’.

Shahbaz Majeed from Dundee spoke very authoritively about this branch of photography and illustrated his talk with some stunning examples of his work.

He was obviously a master of his craft but took time to explain how he achieved the effects displayed in his photographs and the various equipment and filters he used.

Mike Reid gave a vote of thanks saying that we had been shown an inspirational new way to express ourselves from a generous and gifted photographer.

He hoped members would be inspired as ‘Long Exposure’ was a set subject for one of the clubs competitions later in the year.

The club meets in Stonehaven Community Centre on Monday nights at 7.30p.m New members are very welcome.