Mearns Community 
Centre stays - for now

Mearns Community Centre in the centre of Laurencekirk.
Mearns Community Centre in the centre of Laurencekirk.

A steering group has been formed in Laurencekirk to ensure that groups across the community have access to facilities.

The partnership will allow some groups to continue to use the community centre on a short term basis until other provisions are acquired.

Rosemary Reilly a member of the group told us: “A steering group has been formed with a membership of representatives from Laurencekirk Development Trust/Villages in Control, Mearns Community Council, Laurencekirk out of School Club (LOOSC), The Ladies Club, Thursday Coffee Morning and Laurencekirk Lunch Club.  

“The group has been assessing community facilities, in particular the Community Centre, and the need therein  to ensure that  all current user groups are accommodated either in the new community campus or some other existing community accommodation.  

“It was found that the accommodation being considered at the primary school was not yet capable of housing the LOOSC or the Older Peoples groups.  

“Therefore the group, with support from the Council and Local Councillors, are working on an interim partnership arrangement which will allow the community centre to continue to be used by local groups for an interim period until the primary school extension or other appropriate accommodation is secured.  

“There is still some work to be done on the partnership agreement but the steering group will continue to work with the Council on this.”