Mearns Community Council meeting round-up

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Mearns Academy rector Ian Parkin told Mearns Community Council that planning work is continuing at a rapid rate for the new Mearns Academy community campus.

The rector said there had been a meeting regarding ICT provision in the library and that all library users will have ICT access.

Mr Parkin said they were already drawing up a budget for furniture and fittings.

The school has reapplied for a Green Flag Award and has again been awarded a Customer Service banner.

He said that at the recent Christmas service, held in the Parish Church, all the students did not fit in for the first time and some had to stand at the back.

Next year’s S1 will stand at a very healthy 130 and Mr Parkin said this would be significant in terms of school management.

The Academy will again do work in Denlethen Woods this year with the John Muir Trust and there will be engagement with parents on internet safety.

Mr Parkin reported that he had a meeting with the MD of Stagecoach to discuss bus issues and he said the operation of school buses “remains thought provoking.”

Mr Jim Stuart raised the issue of paintings, formerly owned by Laurencekirk Town Council which have “disappeared” since falling into the hands of Aberdeenshire Council.

Councillor Jean Dick said she was willing to take the matter up, but needed to know exactly what they were looking for. Mr Stuart said he would try to obtain a list.

Members were told that a ward forum was to be held in the Mearns Community Centre on February 23 at 7pm. The number of Community Council Forums, held in Stonehaven, are to be cut back to allow for two ward forums per year in each of the Kincardine and Mearns wards.

The council are to request improved road markings in the central reservation at the south junction at Laurencekirk. They wrote on the subject in 2009 but never received a satisfactory reply. Mr Stuart said there was a need for improved lighting as well. Chris Rushbridge said there had never been a satisfactory reply relating to an access issue at Marykirk, first raised in 2007. He asked why an issue like that should take five years without anything being done.

Jim Stuart was nominated as the community council representative on KMAP (Kincardine and Mearns Area Partnership). David Nelson said the body was not quorate at the moment.