Mearns FM host a ‘passionate’ debate

The debate saw over 150 people attend at the Stonehaven Town Hall
The debate saw over 150 people attend at the Stonehaven Town Hall

The Mearns FM live Independence debate took place in Stonehaven Town Hall on Sunday, attended by more than 150 members of the public.

The debate saw a four-person panel taking questions and debating points about the referendum from 7 until 9pm live on the community radio station.

The Mearns Leader and Kincardineshire Observer were at the event live tweeting throughout the night, with record numbers of activity taking place on our twitter feed.

The four members of the panel were Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone, Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald, SNP MSP Nigel Don and Stonehaven Green Party Spokesperson Dr Rachel Shanks.

The debate was hosted by Ken Venters from Mearns FM, and matters were kicked off with opening statements from each of the panel members to the crowd.

The crowd was lively, with big cheers and boos heard throughout the evening. Topics discussed included the EU, currency, farming, border control, devolution and even the Loch Ness Monster.

Mearns FM posted on Facebook Monday morning: “The Mearns FM team hosted a great debate in Stonehaven Town Hall last night. The audience were fantastic, very passionate with lots of interaction.

“My thanks to everyone who turned out for the debate and made it such a memorable night. For a small community radio station in the North East of Scotland to achieve a live nationwide broadcast is no mean feat.

“Our grateful thanks to the 27 stations in the Scottish Community Broadcasting Network who took the broadcast live and some will rebroadcast later.

“During the debate we had listeners in 32 countries which was fantastic. So Mearns FM have played their part in the Referendum process it’s now time to wait and see what the final outcome will bring.”