Mearns Forum cinema pilot looking to continue

The Mearns Youth Forum are hoping to extend their pilot into next year, following the positive feedback given.

The Forum last week held a successful pilot run of their community cinema project at Mearns Community Campus - showing an episode of BBC’s Sunset Song.

The group wrote to the Mearns Leader and Kincardineshire Observer telling us that they hope to extend the pilot and look to aim films at all audiences.

They said: “This pilot was well attended and enjoyed by all, with the feedback received being very positive.

“Owing to the feedback and comments given, we are planning on continuing the project into next year - showing more of the much-loved Sunset Song episodes.

“Furthermore, we’ll be showing up-to date films, such as; The Imitation Game, Fault in our stars and Mr Turner.

Films will be aimed at all age groups and will be able to be viewed by a varied audience.”