Mearns Ladies Probus Club

The president welcomed a large gathering of ladies to the first meeting in 2014 of the Mearns Ladies Probus Club and wished everyone a Happy New Year.

She introduced the speaker, Ian Taylor of Taylor’s Auction Rooms, Montrose.

Mr Taylor gave a lively and entertaining insight into the world of his action rooms.

Items for sale are either brought to the auction rooms or Mr Taylor and his staff view them in the seller’s own home.

The auction rooms hold sales every fourth Saturday when there can be up to 4500 lots and seven auctioneers - a busy day for everyone involved!

Items for sale range from coins, toys, books, paintings, furniture, whisky and even African carvings.

They are logged, listed and photographed two weeks before the sale and posted on the internet.

While they don’t operate internet bidding, Mr Taylor confirmed they do welcome telephone bidding which can amount to 2000 bids per sale.

Items sold are sent all over the world which can take up to two weeks to be dispatched after the sale due to the volume and care taken to pack these correctly.

Mr Taylor concluded his talk by inviting members to guess the value of six oil paintings by Scottish artists which he had brought along. He then gave what he thought each painting would sell for at auction which members found most enlightening, and in some case, very surprising.

Cathy Fleming proposed thanks.