Mearns Ladies Probus Club

The Vice-President, Marian Finlayson, welcomed 27 members to the November meeting and introduced the speaker for the morning, Angus Whitson.

Mr Whitson’s weekly column, for the past 12 years, in a regional daily newspaper, has many readers and recounts his thrice daily walks in the countryside with his two dogs, MacBeth, a 13-year-old West Highland Terrier and Inka, a black Labrador. Brought up in the countryside, he records its changing seasons and moods with the knowledge and passion of someone who loves and understands rural ways. He hopes that what he writes gives people an adventure and an insight into the countryside.

He enjoys and appreciates feedback from his readers, who share stories and experiences with him.

Mr Whitson has also published two books, ‘Man with Two Dogs’ and ‘Tales from the Scottish Countryside’ with a third currently in the making.

In addition, together with a former Montrose GP, they have a book published, about Sea Dog Bamse, a Second World War animal hero. This 14 stone St Bernard was a global mascot for the Royal Norwegian Forces and its memory is kept alive both in Norway and in Montrose with a larger-than-life statue at Montrose Harbour, which is well worth a visit.

Mrs Finlayson thanked Mr Whitson for his most interesting, lively and humorous talk.