Mearns Ladies Probus Club

Meeting held on Wednesday May 20 2015 in the Crown Hotel, High Street, Laurencekirk

The President welcomed a full house to the AGM/May meeting.

Mrs Black thanked the Committee for their work this past year and to the Crown Hotel for providing the venue. We have had a varied and interesting programme this year. The Treasurer drew Members attention to the accounts which had been distributed around the room and gave her report. The new Committee was identified and we look forward to next year’s activities.

The speaker for the morning, Margaret Muiry was welcomed although needed no introduction as Margaret is well known to us being a member of the group.

Although not having visited Malawi herself Margaret spoke passionately about the population, terrain and livelihood of the people of Malawi.

Exports centre round tea, coffee and sugar although corruption is prevalent and HIV hampers development.

Margaret focussed her talk on the work that her late husband undertook in the north of the country to improve life for women making them more independent and having better health care for them and their children.

As an ex midwife Margaret was particularly interested in seeing improved facilities for pregnant ladies.

Margaret gave us a fascinating slideshow and overview of the land and improvements made at Embengweni Hospital where her husband was affectionately known as “Dr Ross“.

Mrs Finlayson gave the vote of thanks.