Mearns Ladies Probus Club Report

On a lovely sunny Spring morning, the President, Mrs Anne Black, welcomed 26 members to the April meeting and introduced the speaker Carol Butler from Homestart Kincardine who was accompanied by David Wood.

Carol explained that as a co-ordinator her role is to manage the day to day running of the organisation and oversee the team of volunteers. Mr Wood’s role is as a Trustee of the scheme which he would explain about later.

Homestart UK started in 1973 and currently have 310 schemes throughout Britain including the Armed Forces. There are 32 schemes in Scotland. Homestart Kincardine is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Homestart Kincardine is a voluntary organisation providing practical help, support and friendship to families in their own homes. Parents can feel overwhelmed or exhausted by the stresses of everyday life. In some cases there is no close family or support from friends to give them encouragement and to give them ’breathing space’. Volunteers visit families to reassure parents that their difficulties are not unusual or unique and that family life can be fun The support is one to one, tailored and completely confidential. They visit 2-3 hours per week, the same day every week. Volunteers are given training and Carol has regular contact with them to make sure all is going well. New volunteers are always welcomed.

David explained that as one of the Trustees his responsibility lies in the governance and finance of the scheme. They get financial support from Aberdeenshire Council but some fundraising is necessary. Any additional help with this side of the scheme is also always welcomed.

Questions were asked and Mrs Finlayson thanked Carol and David for a most enlightening talk.