Mearns school’s key strengths highlighted

Laurencekirk Primary school
Laurencekirk Primary school

Laurencekirk Primary School has received a glowing report, as the school was awarded level 1 Rights Respecting School from UNICEF.

The Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) is run to acknowledge the work done by schools to ensure that children have a voice, their opinions are listened to and are able to make changes and contribute to the local and wider community.

Laurencekirk Pupils with their first Green Flag

Laurencekirk Pupils with their first Green Flag

An extract from the report gave Laurencekirk a great review and highlighted some key strengths of the school.

It said: “The assessors would like to thank the leadership team, staff, parents and young people for their warm welcome to the school, for the opportunity to speak with staff, parents and pupils during the assessment, and the evidence detailing the work towards becoming a level 1 rights respecting school.

“Prior to the assessment visit, you provided a comprehensive self-evaluation form and impact evaluation form. It was clear to the assessors during the visit, that everyone spoken to places a real importance on developing a rights respecting ethos throughout the school and nursery.”

The key strengths of the school were:

* The very positive and welcoming ethos in the school

* The opportunities given to all members of the school community to have their say

* The enthusiasm of the members of the RRSA steering group in leading the school’s RRSA journey.

There was also a visit by Dr. Sam Harrison, on January 19, who was very impressed with the work of the Eco Committee, stating they were great ambassadors for the school.