Meeting for town’s residents to have their say

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Stonehaven residents have been invited to a meeting this Thursday to discuss what they would like to see improved in the town.

The unofficial event has been organised by a group of volunteers, following last week’s backlash in reponse to a new bus stop at the town’s Market Square. Residents reacted with mixed opinions over the bus stop, which has been installed for a trial period of 16 weeks and will be used to park a new land train being trialled in the town.

One of the orgnaisers, James Stephen, explained the reasons for the meeting: “We want to make Stonehaven even better. We are hoping that people will come along with realistic ideas for improving the town.

“Some people who live in Stonehaven don’t realise how lucky they are, there are so many great things about the town, all it needs is a bit of a polish. I know a lot of people want to see a supermarket but that isn’t necessarily something that we can achieve as volunteers, so let’s be practical and look at what we can work with, and how we can try to improve the town.”

A lot of hard work goes in to improving the town by volunteers and I don’t think people appreciate that. The open air pool, horizon group, fireballs, open air in the square, feein market, folk festival - all of those, among others, are run by hardworking volunteers. So if you think you can make a difference in the town there isn’t a shortage of community groups to get involved with. Or, if you feel the town is lacking something, come along and make your views known.

“I think we also need to look at how we communicate with the wider community, as a lot of people didn’t know that the bus stop was going to be coming, or the reasons behind it.

“A lot of people are unclear about where to take their ideas and hopefully this meeting will provide a starting point for some of these ideas. It’s an opportunity for us, the people that live here, to say ‘this is our town and this is what we want to see here’.

Expected subjects up for discussion will be how to improve parking in the town, introducing updated sports facilities, and improve general facilities for both residents and visitors to the town.

If you are planning on going to the meeting you can contact us with your views on how it went, tel. (01569) 762139 or email

The meeting is open to all and will be held on Thursday (August 15) in Cormack’s function room (upstairs in the Royal Hotel) at 7pm.